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Bathroom Emergency in North Bay Village?

When your home or commercial business has a water damage emergency, SERVPRO® of Miami Beach is on-call and ready to respond 24-hours a day. Call us today at 305-532-5411. We’ll restore your water damage in North Bay Village, “Like it never even happened.”

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kitchen counter with emergency supplies

Power Failure in Miami Beach?

When your home or commercial business has a storm damage emergency, SERVPRO® of Miami Beach is ready to respond 24-hours a day. Call us today at 305-532-5411. We’ll restore your storm damage in Miami Beach, “Like it never even happened.”

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assembly of different small electronics

Electrical Fire in Miami Beach?

Miami Beach residents know they can count on  SERVPRO® of Miami Beach to mitigate their fire-damaged property. Call us today at 305-532-5411. We’ll restore your fire damage, “Like it never even happened.”

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Water Damage Prevention for La Gorce Island?

La Gorce Island residents know they can count on SERVPRO® of Miami Beach to clean and restore their water-damaged property. Call us today at 305-532-5411. We’ll restore your water damage, “Like it never even happened.”

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palm tree on beach

Fire-Damaged Property in Miami Beach?

Miami Beach residents know they can count on SERVPRO® of Miami Beach to clean and restore  fire-damaged property. Call us today at 305-532-5411. We’ll restore your fire damage, “Like it never even happened.”

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Squirrels in rain gutter

Squirrel Infestation in Edgewater?

Edgewater residents know they can count on SERVPRO® of Miami Beach to clean and restore property damage caused by wild and domesticated animals. Call us today at 305-532-5411. We’ll restore your squirrel damage, “Like it never even happened.”

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colorful Christmas lights on window

Holiday Decoration Fire in South Beach?

SERVPRO® of Miami Beach wants everyone in South Beach to have a safe and fun holiday season this year. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical distribution of lighting equipment was involved in 44 percent of home Christmas tree fires, and holiday decorations started 780 home structure fires each year between 2013 and 2017 - not including Christmas trees!

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water droplets on glass

Water intrusion in Surfside?

SERVPRO® of Miami Beach understands how important it is to mitigate storm damage quickly and efficiently. We use advanced equipment and techniques to locate water damage and dry the area rapidly.

Surfside residents and commercial business owners know they can count on SERVPRO® of Miami Beach to mitigate storm damage.

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teddy bear on packing box

Contents Restoration in South Beach?

When my South Beach home was damaged by Hurricane Irma, we had to relocate for a couple of weeks until the structural and water damage could be repaired. Fortunately, SERVPRO® of Miami Beach has been restoring damage in the South Beach community for years and they helped us inventory all of our belongings through their Contents Claim Inventory Service

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Candle Fire in Surfside?

Candle fires caused $278 million in property damage between 2014 and 2018. Surfside residents know to call SERVPRO® of Miami Beach when they have a fire damage emergency as we have been restoring fire damage in the Miami area for years and have the experience and training to safely return your property to preloss condition.

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Thanksgiving pumpkins

Thanksgiving Fire in South Beach?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), identifies Thanksgiving Day as the number one day of the year for home cooking fires. South Beach residents know they can rely on SERVPRO® of Miami Beach to safely clean and restore fire, soot, and smoke damage.

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Palm tree in a storm

Flooding in North Bay Village?

According to an article published in the online news source, The Nation, by the end of this century, Florida will be underwater. The report states that the sea level in Florida had risen 2.8 inches since 1992 and could rise to another 2.8 feet by 2060. SERVPRO® of Miami Beach has been mitigating flood and storm damage for years in North Bay Village and our emergency response team is on call 24 hours a day.

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fire hydrant on sidewalk

Fire Damage in Morningside?

Did you know that the Miami Beach Fire Department was formed in 1920? That means they’ve been serving the Miami Beach communities for one hundred years now!

According to a report published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), home fires frequently occur in Florida, and over a ten year period, there were approximately 230,000 home fires that resulted in $2.5 billion in property damage. 

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umbrella in the rain.

Hurricane Storm Damage in South Beach?

This year, 2020, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted multiple climate factors which indicated an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season this year, with a sixty percent chance for an above-normal season. The NOAA expected between thirteen to nineteen named storms, between six to ten hurricanes, and anywhere from three to six major hurricanes.

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flooded waters in Miami

King Tide Flooding in Miami?

Residents and commercial property owners in Miami are facing many flooding challenges this year. For instance, September brought three weeks of unusually high King Tide events, causing flooding in many areas in the City of Miami Beach, and the 2020 Hurricane Season isn’t finished dumping rain on Miami yet. There is even ongoing discussions about plans to raise roads in areas below street level that are prone to flooding.

office block

Property Damage in South Beach?

South Beach residents and commercial business owners know they can all rely on our team of highly trained technicians to safely clean and restore any commercial property damage, no matter how big the job is. Call SERVPRO® of Miami Beach today at 305-532-5411.

SERVPRO® of Miami Beach is Independently Owned and Operated.

window in home with water on it

Leaking Window Causing Damp Spirits in Miami?

When water enters your home from an outside source, it is referred to as water intrusion. Some examples of water intrusion are sewer line backups, pipe breaks, leaking window seals, roof and rain gutter leaks, and flooding outside the structure.SERVPRO® of Miami Beachwants the residents and commercial business owners of North Bay Village to know that we are ready to respond to any size water damage emergency 24 hours a day.

waves crashing on the beach

Blown Over by Storm Damage in Miami?

So far during this strange hurricane season, we have met storms Arthur, Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly, Edouard, and Fay. SERVPRO® of Miami Beach wants Miami Beach residents to know that we will respond to any size storm damage emergency you may have, and we are available 24 hours a day, every day, to respond to your call.


SERVPRO of Miami Beach is Always Prepared

According to the United States Fire Administration, (USFA), about 6600 garage fires occur in the United States each year. SERVPRO® of Miami Beach has witnessed firsthand the damage fires can do to garages in the Miami area. Our team of highly trained technicians can respond to any size fire damage emergency and can usually be onsite within four hours to begin the cleanup and restoration process

broken window

North Bay Village Property Damage?

One morning, I came into work and noticed a cold breeze blowing through my North Bay Village shop. I walked up to the retail portion of the store and finally found where the breeze was coming from. A tree branch had fallen and broke the front store window. The more I looked the more damage I saw. There was broken glass everywhere and the shop was a mess. The store was due to open in a few hours, so I called my boss and she told me to call SERVPRO® of Miami Beach. They came out and immediately begin the cleanup and restoration process. We were able to open at the regular time with no disruption to our customers or employees.

close up of a mold spore

Mold Concerns in North Bay Village?

Mold spores float around in the atmosphere until the right conditions allow them to land and grow, and once they begin growing, they spread rapidly. The good news is that SERVPRO® of Miami Beach has years of experience dealing with mold remediation in North Bay Village and has a team of highly trained mold remediation technicians on call

photo frame with flames behind

SERVPRO of Miami Beach restores fire-damaged property

When fire damage hits Miami homes or businesses, SERVPRO® of Miami Beach will arrive without delay, ready to help restore the property to its pre-fire condition.

Call us at (305) 532-5411. SERVPRO of Miami Beach has 24-hour emergency service, every day of the year.

satellite image of storm

SERVPRO of Miami Beach sends storm damage away

SERVPRO® of Miami Beach is part of the neighborhood. The owners and the employees live and work next to the people who live and work in Miami Beach. When storms rip through the area, it is our homes, our businesses, our neighborhoods that suffer from storm damage. When disasters drench Miami, we are Here to Help® our neighbors.

broken glass on desk with keyboard

Office Break In in Miami Beach?

In a report published on crime macrotrends, there were 7,476 property damage claims in Miami Beach in 2018. SERVPRO® of Miami Beach has experience restoring all types of commercial property damage, and has a team of certified restoration specialists on call 24 hours a day to help you with any size job.

high rise on South Beach

High-Rise Building Damage in South Beach?

If your commercial business suffers property damage of any size, SERVPRO® of Miami Beach wants to help. Call us today at 305-532-5411. We’ll provide commercial cleanup and restoration services in South Beach “Like it never even happened.”

waves cresting

Storm Surge Damage in Morningside?

SERVPRO® of Miami Beach has a team of highly trained water restoration specialists ready to respond to any size storm surge damage and can be onsite to immediately begin the water extraction and drying process within four hours of your call.

Water Restoration Process

Miami port

SERVPRO of Miami Beach is proud to be part of the community

Morningside, North Bay Village, and Edgewater are not just dots on the map to SERVPRO® of Miami Beach. We are part of the community.

Those of us who own/operate and work at SERVPRO of Miami Beach are committed to this area. We want to do our best for our neighbors and fellow business owners.

A SERVPRO employee smiling with a customer who is happy with completed work.

SERVPRO of Miami Beach is Here to Help.

When disaster strikes, don't forget that the SERVPRO team from Miami Beach is ready for action. We have been helping customers in the greater Miami area for many years, and plan to be on the job for many more.

Our commercial services and training include all categories of disinfection, cleanup, and sanitizing. When your company needs a helping hand, our team of IICRC certified technicians will be on the job. When you need to have surfaces for medical buildings, school offices, or even vehicles treated, we have the latest technology and the training to address any contaminants you might encounter.

Fleet of green SERVPRO vans

SERVPRO of Miami Beach is Ready to Restore After Storms

When storms strike, damage can happen quickly and e catastrophic. SERVPRO of Miami Beach is ready to help you make it "Like it never even happened," no matter the size or cause of damage. 

emojis showing disaster

"Like it never even happened"

We at SERVPRO of Miami Beach work to help you make any and all property damage, "Like it never even happened." Our crews are ready 24/7, 365 when disaster strikes. 

SERVPRO trailer with rainbow over it

Create a Rainbow from Rain

Without the rain you wont have a rainbow. We know that when disasters happen it is hard to think that things will ever be made right again. SERVPRO of Miami Beach helps you make it "Like it never even happened." 

smart phone with ERP loaded

Plan For The Unexpected

SERVPRO of Miami Beach wants you to be prepared before the unexpected happens. We want to help you set up a FREE Emergency Ready Profile so that you know what to do and who to call when disaster strikes. 

green and black graphic with clothes

Smoke and Soot Damage Clothes

Smoke and soot damage affect homes and offices but also clothes, textiles and soft fabrics. When a fire occurs there is more then just the structure affected, contents need to be cleaned as well. 

black background with smoke alarm

Smoke Alarms, Save Lives

Smoke alarms save lives. It is recommended that you have a smoke alarm installed outside every sleeping areas and in common rooms. It is important to test alarms regularly and change batteries. 

Creative Solutions to Minimize Downtime

Commercial losses are in some respects the same as residential losses. Both types of property owners want to get their buildings back as quickly as possible. For businesses, getting the space back to preloss condition is a matter of survival. If a property isn't restored quickly, tenants can flee, or customers could go elsewhere and develop loyalties to other providers. Whether it's a water damage, mold problem or fire/smoke/soot cleanup, one thing is for sure - we understand the demands to get a commercial property back in business as soon as possible. Getting to the loss fast is critical, and so is getting it dry quickly.

safety tips for BBQ

Summer Grilling Tips From SERVPRO of Miami Beach

Check out these helpful safety tips for firing up your grill this summer. Grilling doesn't need to be a risky activity for you and your family, so play it safe and enjoy your food!

When Storms Are Present Let SERVPRO of Miami Beach Be Your First Call!

When storm damage wreaks havoc over Miami and Miami Beach, let SERVPRO of Miami Beach be your first responders. 

Whether it be a sub pump flood, trees on your roof, AC condensation leaks, mold in your climate control building, we are here to help! 

When It Comes To Standing Water SERVPRO of Miami Beach is Here!

Summer time...the warm weather...the fun activities...and oh, yeah, flooded homes.

Summer storms can cause your electricity to go out, which can cause your sub pump to fail...which brings you the joy of having to deal with a flooded basement. Our service technicians aren't afraid to do the dirty work and make sure the damage doesn't hurt any other systems in your home (much like this risk pictured here).

Storm Damage Playing Hide & Seek

Storm damage seems to have a way of making some unwanted additions to your home. For instance, a storm punctured a hole in a bathroom ceiling in the Miami home. This sizable crater looks like a makeshift skylight, if you ask us. These inconvenient losses to your home can cause a lot of frustration, which is why we make the restoration process so simple! 

ALERT! Flash Flooding This Summer

The official start of summer is almost here, but it's important to remember that summer brings more storms with it. Flash floods are more common in the spring, but more storms in the summer means a higher possibility for flash flooding.

Flood in Miami Beach Condominiums

Our water damage specialists are trained and certified to help you maximize your resources in the event of an unforeseen flood. This Miami Beach condominium did not hesitation when they called (305) 532-5411 and requested our immediate response to their active water loss. Our service technicians responded to the call and restored the units back to livable condition.

Water Loss In Miami Beach - Rapid Response

There is no commercial job to big or to small that our team is not equipped to manage. From the small residential jobs to a full-blown commercial water loss, SERVPRO of Miami Beach will get you up and running in no time. This Miami Beach building entrusted the care of their business into the hands of our service team and within hours the business was fully operational again.

School Water Loss

A school in Miami Beach suffered a loss due to a broken main line that caused significant water damage to areas occupied by students. Before rehabilitation could occur, our services technicians had to toss the carpet before working on the open space. Our heavy duty drying equipment was up to the task and we had the office furniture back in place two days later.

Fire Damaged Miami Home

An unforeseen fire occurred within the walls in the wiring of the home and rapidly spread throughout the residence. Unfortunately, there was a considerable amount of damage throughout the home and a large amount of the homeowners’ content was affected. Thankfully, our technicians were trained and certified to manage a loss of this magnitude – fire, smoke, soot, water damage, and the final cleanup. SERVPRO of Miami Beach geared up and faced this challenge head on without hesitation in this Miami Beach home.

Miami Kitchen Fire

This kitchen fire was heavily affected by soot and smoke damage throughout the house in Miami. Our team of technicians responded to the job and worked moved restore the homeowners home back to working condition.

Fire in Miami

An unwanted chain of events in one disaster can be very stressful for anybody, but when SERVPRO of Miami Beach is on the job we will take all the stressors away. Our team responded to a loss that was affected by fire and water. We assured the homeowner we were qualified and would restore the affected areas back to a condition that would show no signs of damage. Upon completion of the job the homeowner was highly satisfied and the job resulted in a number of referrals from the customer.

mold contamination

Mold Containment

As trained professionals, our job is not to assume, but to ensure your home and/or place of business is in healthy condition. During this water loss, our technicians came across what looked to be presence of mold. Immediately we moved to resolved the matter by subcontracting a certified mold inspector to test the areas for possible mold. While awaiting the results of the test we isolated the area that was affected to ensure the environment remained safe. Upon verification of a positive reading we moved to contain the affected area and began the remediation process in this Miami Beach residence.

Commercial Water Loss In Miami Beach

Our team of certified technicians are equipped to service commercial buildings, offices, and more – there is no job too big or too small that we cannot handle. We are your chosen 1st responders for the job and we’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, weekends and holidays. In your time of need we are available on an emergency basis or by scheduled appointment when the time is most convenient for you. Call SERVPRO of Miami Beach at (305) 532-5411 – we are here for you!

moldy wall cavity

Miami Beach Wall Cavity Mold Remediation

Before making a final judgment in regard to mold being present inside of your property it is highly recommended that you allow the areas of concern to be examined and tested for possible intrusion. This will assist in determining the extent of the damage and it allows our trained staff at SERVPRO of Miami Beach to recommend industry standards steps that will ensure the removal and restoral process is done in a manner that will preserve the value of your property.

Before and After Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning your tile floors by hand can be unpleasant and viewed as hard work by some. It can become a very messy and uncomfortable task which makes it almost impossible to get that professional tile and grout cleaning result during a D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) project. That’s because grout is a porous material, it collects dirt, grime and spills, and it discolors the surface. Unfortunately, regular mopping and spot cleaning make it impossible to reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. That’s why SERVPRO of Miami Beach has equipped our staff with the specializing training needed to ensure our professional tile and grout cleaning service will restores the luster to your floors.

Preserve and Protect in Surfside Highrise

If you are the manager of a condo building, you know what a mess contractors can make of your common areas. An uncaring contractor can bang against walls, leave dust on carpet - you name it. Not SERVPRO of Miami Beach! We are grateful for the privilege to work in a condo building. We take care of our literal foot prints and try to leave it cleaner and better than before! Here you see we have laid down self-adhesive carpet protection from the elevator to the front door of the unit in which we worked. 

side by side comparison of carpet cleaning

Before & After - Side by Side Carpet Cleaning

Why do we love our job? Because we love delivering a clean space for our customers! It's most satisfying when we can see the results -- such as in this recent carpet cleaning job. The left-hand side shows the "before" -- the still-dirty carpet in the condition found upon our arrival.  The right-hand side shows the cleaned version. Much brighter and livelier, as the carpet was intended to be!

'Do My Tile Floors Need to Come Up?'

When a water damage comes from a contaminated water source (e.g., a sewage backup) many people are surprised to find that water can seep through grout lines, and build up underneath the tile. This is a problem because that water is, by definition, carrying potentially very harmful contaminants to areas under the tile. SERVPRO of Miami Beach can speed up drying of this bound and trapped moisture, with the tiles remaining in place. However the contaminants cannot be removed without tearing out the tile flooring - a potentially costly and intrusive exercise.

technician in PPE Cleaning mold

HEPA Vacuuming - Proper Attire!

SERVPRO of Miami Beach protects its workers! Here a technician dons protective gear while HEPA vacuuming in the deepest part of a corner during mold remediation microcleaning activities. HEPA vacuuming is the safest way to remove contaminated debris -- the HEPA makes sure that contamination does not escape from the vacuum and re-enter the breathable space.

The Power of Infrared Imagery

Water damage jobs can be tricky. It isn't always clear where the unwanted water is coming from. Infrared camera technology can help identify and lead our trained technicians to the source. By being able to scan large areas quickly, we can find thin veins of water that can direct us to the point of intrusion. It also informs us where to target our drying and dehumidification equipment, so property owners can get back into their spaces as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Mold Damage

This is what happens when water intrusions are not quickly and PROPERLY mitigated: mold growth.  Here you'll see a contamination extending a good foot high off the floor.  At the time of a flood, many property owners tell us, "It'll dry on his own." We say yes it will . . . over an extended period of time.  Seeing is believing -- do you think the water damage here dried out fast enough on its own?

mushroom growing from sheetrock

Salads Growing Out of a Ceiling

We don't see this every day, but we do see it. This property had mold damage developed to a degree that mushrooms started protruding out of the painted ceiling. Assessment testing revealed that among the mold types were high levels of stachybotrys. No problem - we cleaned it up and received a passing clearance test on first attempt.

Are Fire Damages Usually Caused by Cigarettes?

House fires can come from as many sources as you could imagine. At their worst, human lives can be put at risk. However, even small fires can cause significant damage to home and health. This customer set a box full of spices down on the stove, as he was moving in to enjoy a Miami Beach vacation. While setting down the box, he knicked the stove burner dial . . . which ignited the burner and set the box smoldering.  Just a couple minutes of smoke caused substantial damage. Fortunately all occupants escaped injury of any type.

There are three morals to the story: (1.) You can never be too careful. (2.) If something does go awry, have a well-planned escape route. (3.) Call SERVPRO of Miami Beach (305) 532-5411 to clean up the mess from your fire and smoke damage. We can make it "like it never even happened."