Water Damage Photo Gallery

Flood in Miami Beach Condominiums

Our water damage specialists are trained and certified to help you maximize your resources in the event of an unforeseen flood. This Miami Beach condominium did not hesitation when they called (305) 532-5411 and requested our immediate response to their active water loss. Our service technicians responded to the call and restored the units back to livable condition.

mold contamination

Mold Containment

As trained professionals, our job is not to assume, but to ensure your home and/or place of business is in healthy condition. During this water loss, our technicians came across what looked to be presence of mold. Immediately we moved to resolved the matter by subcontracting a certified mold inspector to test the areas for possible mold. While awaiting the results of the test we isolated the area that was affected to ensure the environment remained safe. Upon verification of a positive reading we moved to contain the affected area and began the remediation process in this Miami Beach residence.

moldy wall cavity

Miami Beach Wall Cavity Mold Remediation

Before making a final judgment in regard to mold being present inside of your property it is highly recommended that you allow the areas of concern to be examined and tested for possible intrusion. This will assist in determining the extent of the damage and it allows our trained staff at SERVPRO of Miami Beach to recommend industry standards steps that will ensure the removal and restoral process is done in a manner that will preserve the value of your property.

Before and After Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning your tile floors by hand can be unpleasant and viewed as hard work by some. It can become a very messy and uncomfortable task which makes it almost impossible to get that professional tile and grout cleaning result during a D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) project. That’s because grout is a porous material, it collects dirt, grime and spills, and it discolors the surface. Unfortunately, regular mopping and spot cleaning make it impossible to reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. That’s why SERVPRO of Miami Beach has equipped our staff with the specializing training needed to ensure our professional tile and grout cleaning service will restores the luster to your floors.

'Do My Tile Floors Need to Come Up?'

When a water damage comes from a contaminated water source (e.g., a sewage backup) many people are surprised to find that water can seep through grout lines, and build up underneath the tile. This is a problem because that water is, by definition, carrying potentially very harmful contaminants to areas under the tile. SERVPRO of Miami Beach can speed up drying of this bound and trapped moisture, with the tiles remaining in place. However the contaminants cannot be removed without tearing out the tile flooring - a potentially costly and intrusive exercise.

The Power of Infrared Imagery

Water damage jobs can be tricky. It isn't always clear where the unwanted water is coming from. Infrared camera technology can help identify and lead our trained technicians to the source. By being able to scan large areas quickly, we can find thin veins of water that can direct us to the point of intrusion. It also informs us where to target our drying and dehumidification equipment, so property owners can get back into their spaces as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.