Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

emojis showing disaster

"Like it never even happened"

We at SERVPRO of Miami Beach work to help you make any and all property damage, "Like it never even happened." Our crews are ready 24/7, 365 when disaster strikes. 

SERVPRO trailer with rainbow over it

Create a Rainbow from Rain

Without the rain you wont have a rainbow. We know that when disasters happen it is hard to think that things will ever be made right again. SERVPRO of Miami Beach helps you make it "Like it never even happened." 

smart phone with ERP loaded

Plan For The Unexpected

SERVPRO of Miami Beach wants you to be prepared before the unexpected happens. We want to help you set up a FREE Emergency Ready Profile so that you know what to do and who to call when disaster strikes. 

safety tips for BBQ

Summer Grilling Tips From SERVPRO of Miami Beach

Check out these helpful safety tips for firing up your grill this summer. Grilling doesn't need to be a risky activity for you and your family, so play it safe and enjoy your food!

side by side comparison of carpet cleaning

Before & After - Side by Side Carpet Cleaning

Why do we love our job? Because we love delivering a clean space for our customers! It's most satisfying when we can see the results -- such as in this recent carpet cleaning job. The left-hand side shows the "before" -- the still-dirty carpet in the condition found upon our arrival.  The right-hand side shows the cleaned version. Much brighter and livelier, as the carpet was intended to be!

mushroom growing from sheetrock

Salads Growing Out of a Ceiling

We don't see this every day, but we do see it. This property had mold damage developed to a degree that mushrooms started protruding out of the painted ceiling. Assessment testing revealed that among the mold types were high levels of stachybotrys. No problem - we cleaned it up and received a passing clearance test on first attempt.