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SERVPRO of Miami Beach Takes Storm Damage by Storm

Miami Beach Knows Storms

People who are upset by strong storms (even short of hurricanes) do not last long around Miami Beach. Even dedicated storm watchers, however, can despair over the damage caused by the high winds, lightning, hail, and floods.

Don’t fall into despair.

Call us, SERVPRO of Miami Beach®, at 305- 532-5411 any time a storm causes damage to a Miami area building.

Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Storms show up at odd hours, weekends, and holidays, so we show up at odd hours, weekends, and holidays.

It Could Always be Worse

According to an old dad joke, things could always be worse. A dad used to tell a long, seemingly-endless joke about two acquaintances; they happened upon each other after several years of no contact. One of the men had a long list of horrible events that had befallen him, and after each event, the other always said “It could have been worse.” He said this after hearing that the man had lost a job, was diagnosed with a chronic illness, had crashed his car, had his dog run away with the cat, and several other woes. Every bad thing was met with “It could have been worse.” Finally, the beleaguered man asked, “how could it have been worse?” His buddy answered, “It could have happened to me!”

Okay, that seemed pointless, but now you know how it felt to have to listen to that joke. At any rate, Miami Beach knows that hurricanes could be worse, because we’ve had some seriously bad ones.

Three Times the Storms were Worse

Just so you know: The United States started using feminine names for hurricanes in 1953. In 1978, it finally started using masculine names, soothing the wounded feelings of men throughout the nation.

The Great Miami Hurricane of 1926

This Category 4 Hurricane hit South Florida early on September 18, 2006. Coconut Grove reported a storm surge of 15 feet. During a half-hour lull (when the eye of the hurricane was over Miami Beach and downtown Miami), several people went outside, thinking the storm was over. When the rest of the storm hit, many people died.

Hurricane Donna in 1960

Hurricane Donna started as a tropical wave off Cape Verde, and grew to a Category 4 hurricane that hit the Leeward Islands and the United States. It was the fifth strongest hurricane to hit the United States on record. Donna’s winds were so strong they were felt in Southern Florida through New England.

Hurricane Andrew in 1992

Hurricane Andrew hit Florida as a Category 4 storm, with such strong winds that it shattered wind-speed measuring instruments. One National Hurricane Center instrument measured an above-ground wind speed of 164 mph, strong enough for Andrew to be a Category 5.

Not the End

We listed hurricanes that many readers are not old enough to remember, but we know there were bad ones after 1992, and know there will be more to come.

No matter what kind of storm hits the Miami area, SERVPRO of Miami Beach is:

Here to Help®.