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Reduce the risk of foundation damage by keeping gutters clear

The Value of Clean Gutters

More than likely, no one goes on house tours to admire gutters. “Clean gutters” sounds contradictory, like “jumbo shrimp” or “Florida desert”.

At SERVPRO® of Miami Beach, we’ve seen what happens when people forget about the gutters. Trust us: it’s not a good idea. It’s like ignoring dental appointments until the pain gets too intense to bear, except all of the pain comes in one big rush.

Cleaning out the gutters prevents problems such as:

  • Heavy gutters that tear away from the house
  • Pests nesting or burrowing in the gutters, which may lead to roof damage or to infestations of rodents
  • Watery havens for mosquitoes
  • Water not draining off the roof, leading to roof damage or any of the below problems
  • Draining too close to the house, which may lead to:
    • Water damage to the building’s foundation
    • Flooded first floor or basement
    • Damage to the driveway or patio

Miami homeowners or business owners may learn through experience that ignoring the gutters is a bad idea. In that case, call SERVPRO of Miami Beach at 305-532-5411. Whatever the cause of water damage, we are experts in remediating damage, including repairing roofs and foundations, and in water extraction.

Hints on Cleaning Gutters

Homeowners and people who have independent businesses may want to do some of the work themselves, so at SERVPRO of Miami Beach, we checked up on how to clean gutters without creating bigger messes.

  • Don’t forget to clean out the downspouts 
  • Cleaning is easier when the leaves are dry, but Miami-Dade County is not exactly known for dry summers
  • Use gloves
  • Try using scoops made for narrow spaces
  • One-story buildings may have gutters that are reachable without ladders
  • When you work on a ladder, make sure someone is around. Use a ladder only if:
    • The ladder can be set securely on a flat, stable base
    • The ladder is tall enough that you don’t have to stretch, and that you can see what you’re doing
    • You don’t step above the highest rung that is marked as safe for use
  • One cleaning method is to scoop out everything from the gutters and downspouts, and drop it on a tarp under/next to the ladder.
  • Another method is to loop a bucket onto the ladder and drop the debris into the bucket
  • Both methods require you to climb down the ladder frequently to empty debris and move the ladder
  • A safer (no-ladder) method is to use an extension pole that has scoop and brush attachments
  • Once the debris is gone, rinse the gutters and the downspouts. There are cleaning products available for getting rid of the muck small animals leave behind
  • Rinse the gutters and the undersides
  • Rinse the siding
  • Admire your work

If you do have water damage, remember to call us at 305-532-5411. In emergencies, SERVPRO of Miami Beach is available 24/7.