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Building Your Disaster Prep Binder: 9 Top Essential Documents ? and Trusted Vendors

6/27/2023 (Permalink)

As a commercial property manager or owner, it's crucial to be well-prepared for potential hurricanes and their aftermath, especially in South Florida. One key aspect of your preparation should definitely be the assembly of a comprehensive disaster prep binder. The binder will contain all the essential documents and contact information you'll need before and after a hurricane hits. This blog will guide you through exactly what to include in your binder and highlight the top vendors on your contact list for a quick recovery. Of course, SERVPRO of Miami Beach, the leading restoration and cleaning company, will be at the top of your list!

Local Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

First and foremost, include the contact information for your local Emergency Management Agency. They will provide vital updates, evacuation orders, and resources during a hurricane. Stay informed and follow their guidance to ensure the safety of your property and its occupants.

Local Government Offices

In your disaster prep binder, list the contact details of local government offices, such as city hall, the mayor's office, and relevant municipal departments. These contacts can assist you with obtaining permits, licenses, and any necessary approvals for repairs and renovations after the storm.

Insurance Provider

Ensure you have the contact information for your insurance provider readily available. Promptly reporting damages and initiating the claims process is crucial for a smooth recovery. Document policy numbers and other policy details, so you can quickly provide them when filing a claim.

Utility Companies

Maintain a list of utility company contacts, including electric, water, gas, and telecommunications providers. Having their information readily available will allow you to report any outages or damages and ensure a swift restoration of essential services.

Suppliers and Vendors

This category is vital for the quick resumption of business operations. Include suppliers and vendors critical to your daily operations, such as food and beverage suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and maintenance service providers. SERVPRO of Miami Beach should be on this list, as we specialize in disaster recovery and can swiftly respond to your property's restoration needs. Additionally, consider including your payroll provider, IT support, and other vendors essential to business continuity.


Maintaining open lines of communication with your employees is essential during and after a hurricane. Include a list of employee contact information in your binder so that you can keep them informed about the status of the property and any recovery efforts. This will also allow you to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff.

Local Media Outlets

Including contact information for local media outlets can help you disseminate information about your property's status, closures, and reopening to the broader community. This can aid in managing customer expectations and promoting a seamless return to normal operations.

Local Business Associations or Chambers of Commerce

Being part of local business associations or chambers of commerce can provide you with valuable resources and support during a disaster. Include their contact information in your binder to stay connected with fellow business owners and access additional assistance in the recovery process.

Nearby Evacuation Centers

If an evacuation is necessary, include the contact information and locations of nearby evacuation centers. This will help you quickly locate safe shelters for your employees and building occupants.

Always be Prepared

Building a disaster prep binder is essential to ensure a smooth recovery after a hurricane. By including the necessary documents and contacts, such as local emergency agencies, vendors like SERVPRO of Miami Beach, and critical suppliers, you'll be better equipped to handle the challenges that arise.

Remember to regularly update your binder and keep it easily accessible to get your property up and running again. Stay prepared, and together we can weather any storm.


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