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Commercial Testimonials

I have a couple of experiences working with SERVPRO of Miami Beach, after Hurricane Irma and also with a serious leak damage caused by a terrible plumber; they came immediately after my call, very honest, accurate and effective. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Miami Beach.

No one is better than Joe and his team!!!!

Joe Hrbek, owner of MB SERVPRO, was awesome. Immediately responsive whenever we reached out to him. Ismael's crew arrived exactly on time and went to work immediately. Any concerns about COVID-19 were answered before we asked them. Very professional team!

Th odor is gone. The floors look great!

The team at SERVPRO exceeded our expectations in just about every way. They were professional and communicative and actually went above and beyond the scope of cleaning that we originally assumed was needed. I'm grateful for their flexibility in regards to the amount of work this job ended up requiring - they gave us extended time and additional equipment to be sure the clean up was 100% complete. I recommend this team without hesitation.

They did an awesome job!! It's amazing!! Total transformation.

“The SERVPRO team was very professional, and just as importantly fast and responsive. They really helped us at a chaotic time. They were professional and respectful of the complexities involved with a difficult situation

The above neighbor had a repairman (not sure which franchise they used, but was on Miami Beach), make serious goof with sprinkler head and completely flooded my apartment and did some water damage to six more apartments.  SERVPRO was called in by that company and were onsite within an hour with full equipment and wonderful staff.  They stripped carpet out and removed wall/floor boards, cut hole and ten fans, two humidifiers later, no mold.  Dry wall damage from the falling water, not from mold.  Best service you can ask for in Miami. The owner of the company that was responsible is paying for the service, but what he is also getting is a very up to date review of what is damage and what claims are not related.  Saves him big time on litigation. See here.

Kenya at the office was superb. Greg and his team went above and beyond in their attention to detail. Best customer service ever. I will recommend to all my social media fans from my TV segment Univision.

The men on the crew you have assembled are as exceptionally courteous and likable a pair of guys as anyone could ever hope to meet. That goes a long way in taking some of the sting out of a tough situation.